GE Lighting confirms Platinum Sponsorship for the Arab Future Cities Summit in Qatar

In the Middle East, GE Lighting been associated with several landmark projects & has been at the forefront in the region in offering energy efficient lighting solutions that ensure safety, energy conservation and reducing the harmful effects of CO2 emissions for a better, sustainable future. GE Lighting is proud to be the Platinum Sponsor of the Arab Future Cities Summit, due to be held at Intercontinental Doha, Qatar on 23-24 April 2012.

The Summit will attract over 200 senior level executives from the private and public sectors. Across the Middle East and North Africa, looking at a more holistic approach for creating cities that are smarter, healthier, greener and sustainable. Smart cities are seen as a solution to the growing challenges of urbanization and rapid economic expansion. In order to support future growth, it is imperative that both the Government and private sector work together to improve living and working conditions and reduce the carbon footprints through use of sustainable resources.

The smart city concept is gaining momentum in the Middle East with major projects under development. Qatar has 10 smart city projects under development –  Qatar Energy City, Doha International Airport, U City, Doha and Barwa city being some of the major projects. Qatar has over US$16 trillion in proven hydrocarbon reserves to be monetized over the next 100 years, enabling the government (?) to offer a uniquely sustainable platform for long term growth and development.

The Qatari government driven by its Vision 2030 plan, has committed over US$140 billion for investment, infrastructure and expansion in a wide range of sectors, including energy, health, education, transport, infrastructure and tourism.

Lighting plays a crucial role in modern construction, building and architectural design. Not only for the energy consumption and CO2 emission, but also for safety, security and aesthetic reasons. Therefore it is really important to make an educated decision right at the beginning of a new investment project.

Reflecting to this, GE Lighting developed a complete portfolio of LED and CMH outdoor white light solutions. Creating safe environments, roadways and public places and illuminate architectural land without increasing light pollution.“ says Phil Marshall, President &  CEO, GE Lighting EMEA

GE Lighting, will lead a discussion on this, in more details, at the Arab Future Cities Summit and also showcasing its energy efficient portfolio for future sustainable cities.


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