Driverless Cars –The Future Of Mobility

Keynote speech in progress at the Arab Future Cities Summit Dubai 2014

Keynote speech in progress at the Arab Future Cities Summit Dubai 2014

Dubai, United Arab Emirates, June 29, 2015: Cities around the world are coping with issues of traffic congestion due to metropolitan expansion and rising population growth.  To address the common transport challenges and counteract this endemic problem, there is an imperative need to develop congestion management systems and smart transportation systems by enabling technological innovative solutions. The emergence of advanced intelligent solutions and sophisticated sensors in the transport system is enabling cars to communicate with each other thereby increasing consumer safety and enhancing convenience.

While a well-functioned transport system is one that seamlessly connects vehicles, pathways and terminals; however, the transport system of the future will implement discrete technologies and develop advanced automated driving solutions. The transportation sector worldwide is witnessing major technological breakthroughs, the most instrumental being the advent of self-driving vehicles. Considered to be a game changer in the automotive and transport sector, autonomous vehicles will be equipped with sensor-based solutions, global positioning systems, artificial intelligence, and connected-vehicle communications that will ensure increase in vehicle safety and reduce emission. Apart from effortlessly controlling the steering wheel, speed and brake system of the car, the driverless technology also ensures avoiding collisions with other vehicles or pedestrians on the road.

Mr. Brad Hariharan, Regional Director, Expotrade Middle East, said, “We are indeed on the brink of a technological revolution – smart buildings, delivery drones, smart roadways and now driverless cars. These are all aspects of a smart city. Government authorities worldwide and global technology giants are applying innovative tactics, introducing new policies and utilizing technologies that will help improve the transport systems and cities to ensure greater prosperity and growth and make a sizeable difference in the citizens’ lives.”

Many of the world’s renowned automotive manufacturers have joined hands with global technology players to introduce automated driving solutions. While the United States of America (U.S.A) is at the forefront, becoming the first country to introduce legislation to permit testing of automated vehicles, Japan, Sweden and United Kingdom (U.K) have also jumped the bandwagon and begun hosting driverless car trials on public roads. In the Middle East, the Dubai government has been preparing its infrastructure for electric driverless cars that are expected to be seen on the roads by 2020. The adoption of autonomous cars on roads will cause less traffic congestion, massive reduction in pollution and provide more road safety.

Mr. Hariharan further added, “The concept of self-driving autonomous cars will gain traction in the coming years, and will soon become a reality. It will revolutionize the landscape of urban mobility and bring about a massive transformation to our lives.”

The practicality of adopting driverless cars and implementing smart transportation solutions will be discussed at length at the 2nd Annual Arab Future Cities Summit, held under the patronage of Dubai Municipality, taking place on 2-3 November 2015 at Sofitel Dubai The Palm Resort & Spa.

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